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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Thank a Digi Artist Day~!

I am declaring February 1st, since it is the month of Love.......Thank A Digi Artist Day~!

I know a lot of artists have disappeared because of all the time and energy they have put into creating freebies ...  with very few comments or appreciation coming back to them.  Sooooooo this weekend is the time to show them that you appreciate the fact that you can receive freebies and digi stamps for such great prices!! (How many free rubber stamps do you receive on a daily basis?)

In honor of Thank A Digi Artist Day...........go support them~! Plain and simple......let them know you appreciate them.....leave them some love.....kick them a few dollars to help them stay in business.  
**And in the spirit of TLC......Email me a notice that you purchased from a digi stamp creator, (has to be on this weekend's date)  Jan 31 or Feb 1.....and I will EMAIL you back a TLC exclusive GOODIE~!  Can be from any digi stamper.  **

Of course if you purchase anything from TLC this weekend...(because we all know TLC is the Best~!  lol) .... I will automatically email you that TLC exclusive goodie~!


Get to shopping people~!  And leavin love~!


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First Day of February Freebie!

F is for February.......

Happy first day of February

REQUEST --  Please join us under Crafting Buddies and become a member of the blog if you download my files....thank you~! That's how the freebies keep coming.

Free Retro February Calendar Page......

Click on image, then right click and save as..........
Really appreciate those of you that leave comments............helps me decide if I should share more of the same type.

Next Vintage Club......

All Things Vintage Club........
One month of Vintage Digis sent directly to your email.
At least 20 items in this club, probably more~!

All this for only $5.95 ..... that's less than 0.30 cents an image~!
Purchase by clicking the Buy Now button below...

Sends Start 02-01-15

Sunday Freebie...........

Happy First day of February~!
In honor of Valentines Day..........I just love this little rhyme.
So vintage.

Click on image, then right click and save as.

You can resize this for a card front, or frame for cute Valentine's Day decor.  I added just a touch of color to mine after I printed it out.


Saturday, January 31, 2015


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February Freebie Mailing Service...


FREEBIE Mailing Service....

For $5.95 a month, I will email you each of the daily freebies, (that are on the blog)  each day, and also any of the other freebies that are posted for that day. (EXCLUDING...any of the freebies that are for games or scavenger hunts.....any of the freebies you need to answer a question or comment for.)
So if you are gone a couple of days, or can't get to the blog....they will be waiting for you in your mailbox.  This also helps you get them in case they retire before you get to the blog. (the retire in 7 days)  No messing with Downloading sites~!
The blog will still be hopping~! But this will guarantee you never miss another freebie as long as you are signed up.
If you have any questions....just email me.  Sign up below with Paypal.

There typically have been extras mailed to the mailing service members also.  Plus most of the PNG files for the click and go jpegs go to the club.


Almost Party Time~!

Just a couple more followers (Crafting Buddies), and we will be partying for all those member with a special TLC goodie.
So if you aren't a member of the blog yet, please consider adding your name over there to Crafting Buddies....you guys get extra goodies every time we party~!

Saturday Word Art Freebie.......

Enjoy your day~!

Thursday, January 29, 2015


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